It all started with a cut on my foot.

We are firmly convinced that tried and tested and classic toys have immense educational value for our children. That's why we've kept wooden train tracks and building blocks in our apartment for years, some from our own childhood. When we first saw the idea of ​​combining these two systems a few years ago, we were excited. We chose various systems from small manufacturers, and the children were thrilled too!

Every parent knows the pain of having a block under their feet while walking barefoot at night.

Unfortunately, we discovered that many great product ideas were not implemented securely enough and had sharp edges that quickly emerged as a result of playing. This resulted in a cut - luckily not on the children and luckily nothing serious.

From the idea to the product

As designers and engineers, we complement each other perfectly for the development of even more innovative and safer toys. As parents and full-time employees, it took much longer than expected from idea to market. Now we are ready and proud to introduce you to our new product range.