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We are Yamba (pty) GmbH, an up-and-coming Swiss family start-up in the toy sector that wants to shake up the industry with innovative ideas. After our successful debut at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2024, we are now looking for support to further advance our vision. You have the chance to work in a team that values ​​innovation and sustainability and to achieve great things together in a family atmosphere. We offer you the opportunity to become part of our success story and to actively shape the future of the toy world.


We offer

  1. Flexible working models: We offer a 40% to 60% position with a maximum of one day per week in the office. The rest of the time we allow you to work flexibly from home or go on business trips to ensure the best balance between work and private life.
  2. Unique location: Our office is located in the tax haven Pfäffikon SZ, directly on the picturesque Lake Zurich and only 25 minutes from Zurich. An inspiring place that releases creative energies and contributes to the well-being of our employees.
  3. Opportunities to help shape: At Yamba (Pty) GmbH you have the chance to help shape an up-and-coming company and actively help develop it. Your ideas and your commitment contribute directly to success and growth.
  4. Innovation leadership and safety: As the owner of a patent-protected toy, we offer a safe and creative working environment in which innovations are protected and valued. This guarantees that we are one step ahead and our products cannot be easily copied.
  5. Future vision and creativity: In addition to our current successful product, we are working on a variety of other innovative ideas that have the potential to conquer the market. With us you have the chance to play a key role in the development and marketing of these future projects and to leave your creative mark.
  6. Strong team culture and global vision: We value diversity and promote a collaborative culture where each individual is valued. With our global commitment, we offer the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team that reaches children worldwide.


You offer

  1. Marketing and Sales Experience: Directly relevant to our growth and market presence, we are looking for someone with proven skills in these areas.
  2. Social media and digital skills: Your ability to strengthen our brand online and interact with our target group is essential to us.
  3. Language skills: Very good knowledge of German and English is mandatory; additional languages ​​are strongly desired to support our international expansion.
  4. Technology affinity: Knowledge of AI and digital tools is required to optimize our processes and make them more efficient.
  5. Personal qualities: Openness, creativity and the ability to work in a team are key qualities that strengthen our team.


Your typical activities

  1. Market analysis and strategy development: You analyze market trends and develop marketing and product strategies based on them.
  2. Social Media Content Management: You will create and manage content on our social media channels to drive engagement and brand awareness.
  3. Customer acquisition and support: You will be actively involved in customer acquisition and maintenance to increase our sales and customer engagement.
  4. Communication material: You create consistent and appealing communication materials for various channels.
  5. Building and maintaining all online sales channels: You are responsible for setting up, optimizing and managing our online sales platforms to ensure maximum reach and sales efficiency.
  6. Event management: You organize and take part in events that enable direct feedback and expand our network.